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Visbody is the first hybrid 3D Body Scanner combining the IBS Scanning and the BIA Analyzing technologies. High precision 3D Avatar is generated with your amazing rotation just like that you are dancing comfortably, you will know your body better together with BIA result empowered by Visbody.

Visbody-R 3D Body Scanner for Sale Features

The Classic Body Scanning Model Which Utilizes The Hybrid Technology

Visbody-R 3D Body Scanner Features

Hybrid Technology

Full body composition analysis is done by standard MFBIA (5, 50, 250kHz) tech; Get your 3D avatar within 10 seconds by Visbody original IBS tech.

Automatic Experience

Interact with Visbody 3D body scanning machine by raising your left or right arm; Clear and easy-to-understand tutorial instruction.

Comprehensive Data

Essential body composition measurements report for your overall health and wellness status; Track your historical body change with detailed data.

Body Composition Analysis Report

12 Core Body Composition Fitness Test

9 Intelligent Body Posture Analysis

3 Dimensional Real Body Avatar

Shoulder Function Assessment

Body Fat Percentage Measurement

Gesture Recognition


Visbody-R 3D Body Scanner analysis report

Visbody-R 3D Full Body Scan Machine Video

How Does A Body Fat Scanner Work?

The Visbody Body Fat Analyzer works by passing a small, harmless electrical signal throughout the body from the electrodes pads on turntable, different tissues in your body allow the electrical current to travel at individual speeds, and having BIA and IBS technologies in one system to improve data accuracy and circumference measurements to our clients. The fusion algorithm refers to an artificial intelligence algorithm that uses two technologies to collect body composition parameters, and cross-comparison the body composition measurement data of the two technologies, and then use big data processing and machine learning algorithms to train the algorithm factors. It effectively improve the data accuracy and consistency of body composition measurement.

Stylish Data | Empower Business | Create the Difference

The 3D whole body scanner has an attractive appearance Excellent experience to improve client retention
Differentiate your business brand with hybrid technology
Comprehensive body assessment such as body fat measurement to track your health status
Visbody opens API interface to support report customization
Cloud service and storage, manage through the digital platform

Visbody Personal 3D Body Scanner Application Scenarios

No matter you are a fitness expert, a functional MD, a physical therapist CHIRPRACTOR, Med SPA or any other practioner that helps people improve their physical quality of life, Visbody's body composition assessment methods and technology empower you to obtain the key physical data related to your industry and client's interests.

Visbody Application Scenarios Gyms


Visbody Application Scenarios Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Visbody Application Scenarios medspa


Visbody Application Scenarios yoga

Yoga/Pilates/Boutique Fitness/Personal Training Studios

3D Body Scanning Machine Specification

Core Parameters:
Testing Method
Direct Segmental Multifrequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (DSM-BIA) & Instantly Body Scanning (IBS )
BIA Technology
5 Body Segments, 8-Point Tactile Electrodes,3 Frequencies (5kHZ, 50kHZ, 250kHZ)
Imaging Technology
3 built-in Intel depth cameras, 1 RGB camera
Electrode body fat scale, Floor mat, Electrode handle, 17.3 inch 1080P HD LCD screen, 360 automatic turntable
Size and Weight:
Device size: 685.3mm(L) x 400mm(W) x 1611.5mm(H)
Device weight: 44.5kg
Turntable size: 74mm(H) x 600mm (Dia)
Report Form:
A4 Report paper/ PDF report/ Webpage report/ Backstage Management System (Dashboard)
Black and white color available

Output Value:
15 Body Composition

Weight, Lean body mass, Muscle mass, Body water, Inorganic salts, Protein, Body fat mass, SMM, BFP, BMI, WHR, Basal metabolic rate, Visceral fat level, Segmental fat analysis, Segmental lean analysis
9 Postural Assessment
Forward Head Posture, Head Tilt, Rounded Shoulders Posture (left side), Rounded Shoulders Posture (right side), Uneven Shoulders, Anterior Pelvic Tilt/Posterior Pelvic Tilt, Left Knee Evaluation, Right Knee Evaluation, Leg Type (Left leg/Right leg)
9 Body Circumferences
Left upper arm, Right upper arm, Chest, Waist, Hip, Left thigh, Right thigh, Left leg, Right leg
Testing Rage:
Weight: 10kg-250kg
Height: 130cm- 200cm
Age: 10-99 years old
Other Parameters:
Operating Environment: Temperature 10℃~ 40℃/50℉~104℉, Humidity 10%~90%RH
Power Input:AC100-240V/50Hz/150W
Port: Network Interface*1, USB 2.0* 2, Power Interface*1
Internet: Ethernet
Printer: Epson L1119, HP1112