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  1. About INTEL

Intel Corporation was founded in 1968. By 2020, Intel's revenue will reach US$77.9 billion, which is a record high for five consecutive years. Intel has become the world's largest semiconductor producer and manufacturer.

Today, Intel is transforming into a data-centric company. Along with its partners, Intel will promote innovation and application breakthroughs in technologies such as electronic integration, 5G, intelligent edge computing, especially artificial intelligence, and drive a smart and connected world.

  1. Cooperation Between Two Parties on Artificial Intelligence
  • Visbody Technology Applied Intel® RealSense™ Technology to Become The World's First Human Body Digital Measurement Company.


As technology advances, the awareness and demand of people all over the world for sports is growing significantly. Among them, how to effectively improve the health status through exercise, reasonably change the body shape through exercise, and improve the health status of the body through exercise instead of unnecessary damage has become the three most important key points in sports. Therefore, the evaluation and management of scientific sports becomes particularly critical.

Visbody Technology focuses on human body digitalization, virtualization and intelligent applications. It is the first company to apply human body dynamic 3D reconstruction technology to the field of health management and assessment. Through the integration of optical sensors and artificial intelligence technology, and based on massive Scientific solution: To help the era of national fitness, Visbody applies INTEL technology to be an intelligent sentinel for national sports health, and helping people to realize intelligent sports evaluation and analysis

  • MUF (Multi-Fusion Dynamic Reconstruction Technology)

Visbody, established in January 2014, is the world’s first company that applied dynamic 3D reconstruction technology to human body assessment. Utilizing the 3D body scanning and body analysis & reconstruction tech, to measure and assess different body compositions, like body status, circumferences, Joint function, Dynamic function, static postures, and more, to generate accurate 3D body avatars, and reliable body reports.

Visbody body composition & 3d body scanner widely used in commercial fitness and wellness fields .We have provided high-quality services to franchise gyms, clinics, health centers, hotels, resorts, spas and other customers in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. Feedbacks from users in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Singapore, etc., It's great help to the user's body composition assessment, posture assessment, and physical changes after fitness or therapy.

The application of Intel® RealSense™ camera in Visbody helps the product to realize the collection of 3D data of the human body, provides detection of body shape and posture, and also solves the influence of complex visible light on the accuracy of the reconstruction process, reducing the impact of 3D human body reconstruction on the scene with requirements and clothing effects on rebuilds.


  • Human Body 3D Modeling and Data Analysis System

The 3D Professional Smart Body Evaluation Series products use Intel® Core™ processors and RealSense™ cameras. Since this series of products needs to "sense" and "read" the body data of the human body through a variety of sensors, and perform 3D modeling and data analysis, it is possible to generate accurate reports of 360° real human body 3D models.



  1. Our Future Plan

With the continuous development needs of the market, Visbody will keep improving the "AI visual sensing + digital platform" model in the future. With the help of INTEL's artificial intelligence technology, it provides access to full-scenario and professional data closed-loop for sports and fitness groups, creating a continuously upgraded sports health "interconnected" ecological platform, and providing intelligent health solutions for the industry.


  1. About Visbody Technology

Visbody Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (Visbody) was established in 2014. It is a scientific sports and health management product solution provider that applies the "AI body digitization" technology stack. Until today, Visbody has 170+ authorized patents, ranking among the top ones in the world. It is the drafting company of the national standard for 3D human body scanning and a national high-tech enterprise. It has served 3,000+ institutions and provided full-dimensional body measurement services for 8 million+ users. Visbody focuses on the innovation of scientific and technological health products and the in-depth operation of pan-health content, and makes unremitting efforts to become a world-renowned scientific and technological sports and health ecology.