Full-Dimensional 3D Body Scanners Pioneer
visbody The Pioneer Of Full-Dimensional Body Scanner
Body Measurement 3.0

Visbody Has Begun A NEW Era Of Body Composition Scan Testing and Body Posture Analysis for Body Measurement 3.0
1.0 Single Body Composition Machine Measurement. Disadvantages: Unable to accommodate factors such as posture or body dimensions.
2.0 3D Body Scanning. Disadvantages: Unable to acquire precise body compositions and provide data in a conventional way for users.

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Bringing New Value To Your Facility
3d body scanner 3D-BODY-scanner-Gesture-Recognition
More Accurate Data
Getting The Best Results Directly In The Least Amount Of Time.
Gesture Recognition
" Interactive experience only provided by Visbody, raise your left or right hand to confirm the testing procedure that you want"
3d body scanner 3D-BODY-scanner-Gesture-Recognition
About Visbody

Visbody has been focusing on 3D body scanning and body composition machine learning technology since 2010. We are committed to developing the most advanced technology for health assessment including body composition scan and posture measurement. Visbody R adopts many patented technologies to provide a safer, more advanced, and more comfortable body assessment experience. Through the visualization and analysis provided by the Visbody R full body scanner 3D version, people can get more insights about your body and grasp the changes. Up till now, Visbody owns over 166 patents, cooperates with more than 2000 institutions and companies, and provides 3D body scanning service to over 2 million users all over the world.

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